Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The iPhone 5 launch: Disappointing?

Alright so Apple's iPhone 5 has broken all expectations about its sale and has smashed all records before hitting the shelves with more than 2 million pre-orders of the coveted smartphone in its first 24 Hours of launch on 12 September.

And the launch was no less dramatic as Apple gave the world the biggest hint in the shadow of number '5'.

Now what was expected?
A hell lot. Yup and so the old reminiscence of Steve Jobs's defining the use of the 'iPod Pocket' in our jeans at the launch of iPod then was there in our minds.

Honestly, to me it was disappointing to see Apple missing out on many areas to its contenders, specially Samsung Galaxy S3.  

Here's the top 3 areas I found was a bit of let down some may say, take a look:
  1. The biggest disappointment to me was from the developer's point of view where the bigger screen of the new iPhone demands changes in the old and running Apps of many publishers. That now requires some upgrades thanks to the bigger screen and not the hardware architecture mind you!
  2. There is no NFC feature for the new iPhone 5 and that's a real a let down considering the fact that much hype was created before the launch of iPhone 5 and for all the waiting buyers, well it is some disappointment. 
  3. The possible price without carrier remains a concern for less extravagant buyers. Well expected price, take $650 for now!
Beside the above three areas I think the others are less concerning and I say it because I have found the iPhone 5 to be more luxurious than driven towards some substantial tech upgrades.

But again somehow Apple has its own charm. Touch is aw-some with no lags and of course the graphics has always attracted many of us. The introduction of 4G-LTE, the enhanced battery life and many more.

Well next I am going to talk about the best free iPhone apps available. 
See ya folks !

Here's something interesting about the iPhone 5:


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