Saturday, 22 September 2012

Apple and patents: You decide.

"HTC’s stock price has been sent into a tumble, after imports of new HTC handsets into the US were blocked in customs by an Apple complaint to the ITC"

"Apple wins preliminary injunction against Galaxy Tab 10.1 in US, Samsung appeals but in vain"

"Apples wins over HTC...
"Apple wins over Samsung...

10 years later
"Apple wins over nature" OMG!

and so on...

Hmm..seems like Apple's made its mind on now what could be the ever growing and fierce patent wars. Hold on Apple guys give me a break!,  that's getting really nervy now.

Apple patents a mockery to open source?

I have no idea what might be the position of the Open Source community at the moment. Sitting ducks? well quite comfortably. Open source with its heart, soul and mind will always be OPEN! No one could say you can not take that advantage of robust and short code while designing your web page. Its  for god's sake open and for the advantage of the technological upgrades to the society. 

I am actually deeply hurt by the court ruling the other day that gave Apple the somewhat ridiculous and absurd win over Samsung making a mockery of some legit lawsuits over some unthinkable reasons.

I have read the clauses of the lawsuit saying that it is not just the code, it could be a design, a metaphor, an approach.  Now if you see an application making use of a Dock, watch out for Apple lawyers.

So hold on James Gosling is coming to you to sue over the use of using Java in your code.
Coming to the rivalry, Samsung could actually reply back to Apple on numerous patent breaches, one that I personally think is I see Apple making use of the notification bar which was actually an invention of Android. Then Apple could reply back to Samsung on the shapes and so its like passing the ball game, which is eternal.

And so let me give you some idea about how this could go down. Its like a beast hovering over you for any of your movement waiting to catch you by your throat.

You see where is this all going to? It is like suing you of how you prepare your favorite dish. Its like suing you over the use of geometry in engineering, its like suing you over the use of a curved handle of your Grand Pa's walking stick. Phew! Come on this is never ending now...

This torn patent system is now taking us to a point where a patent holder controls the use of our imagination, creativity and advancement in creating the next step technological concepts.

Are we too harsh on Apple?

We believe that the true sense of innovation could come only through an unbiased and fair open source model, but wait. 
Isn't it the fact that for many years now Linux and open source model have been working on the Mac designs and UI for their systems? we know there has been a lot of achievements that came as a result of concepts originating from the open source model. 

But it is also a fact that for quite some time now Apple has been the driving force of all sorts of innovation to the latest technology in computing, hardware, gadgets and obviously the concepts(iPod, iPad, iPhone etc).

It is also a fact that the open source hasn't lately arrived with anything as revolutionizing as Apples hardware/software which has revolutionized the market beyond any recognition.

Also most of us are already eager to criticize on Apples idea and concepts out of our emotions and feelings for what we hear, do and for the sake of open source.
And most of them hasn't even used any Apple product to back any comparisons they make.

In the end what really offend us are the trolling patents of Apple which has screwed up Apple's reputation big time. Just for an example there was a news where Apple is taking issue with the trademark of an online grocery store that goes by the name

Apple reasons that the store is deliberately using the similarity to promote itself while trying to confuse people with Apple's products. 

Imagine people getting confused over and iPhone and products.

Here's what the stackoverflow has to say about patents. Take a look here

In the end really it's up to you to decide.


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